Mauch 082: 2-6S BEC / 5.35V / DF-13-4P


Required power supply BEC for Mauch Hall effect current sensors. The Mauch BEC power supply for 2S-6S LiPo batteries provides clean power to the flight controller and on-board devices, and helps prevent crashes related to power wire failure or power module damage from voltage spikes thanks to wire redundancy and extra circuit protection.

  • Optimized design for Pixhawk 1, Pixhawk 2.1 and Pixhack flight controllers.
  • Outputs slightly higher voltage to ensure Pixhawk selects the BEC as its power source. (PWM rail power sources ignored)
  • Input and output protected by high quality Panasonic FC / FM capacitors, preventing burn out of the UBEC from voltage spikes.
  • Redundant positive and negative wires (two each) to improve safety and reduce resistance.
  • Input reverse polarity protection.


  • Input: 2-6S LiPo (max. 28V).
  • Output 5.35V / 3A -> /- 0.05V –> Ripple 10mV (0.2%) at 1.5A output current.
  • DF-13 4 position connector to connect to any Mauch HS-xxx-xx current sensor board or to Sensor Hub X2.
  • Size: 47mm x 18mm x 11mm.
  • Weight: 8g with cables and shrinking tube.
Please review the Mauch warranty for returns and replacements.

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