Mauch 024: PL 4-14S HYB-BEC / 2x 5.3V + 1x 12.0V @ 3A


Input: 4-14S LiPo (60V max)
Outputs (+/- 0.05V –> Ripple 1mV at 1.5A):

  • POWER1: 5.3V @ 3A
  • POWER2: 5.3V @ 3A
  • “12.0V”: 12.0V @ 3A

Click here to customize “12.0V” output (can be between 5.0V and 12.0V)
Lead-time for customized parts is approximately 4 weeks

Includes an LDO power supply (+5.00V +/- 0.03V) for the PL sensor board or Sensor Hub X2, input polarity protection, blue power on LED, as well as TDK input and output capacitors to prevent burn out of the UBEC from voltage spikes.

What’s included:

  • 1x 4-14S BEC with CFK enclosure
  • 1x 040: sensor cable
    Molex CLIK-Mate 1.25mm 4p on both ends / L = 150mm
  • 1x 050: backup power cable for Pixhawk 2.1
    Molex CLIK-Mate 1.25mm 6p to Molex CLIK-Mate 2.0mm 6p / L = 150mm
  • 1x 12.0V output cable with wire leads
    Molex CLIK-Mate 1.25mm 6p / L = 150mm

Does not include flight controller cable
One of the following cables must be purchased separately:

Dimensions and weight:

  • 59mm x 66mm x 13mm / 57g with enclosure
Please review the Mauch warranty for returns and replacements.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in