Mauch 084: 4-14S HYB-BEC / 5.30V DF13-4P


Required power supply BEC for Mauch Hall effect current sensors. The Mauch HYB-BEC power supply for 4S-14S LiPo batteries provides cleaner power to the flight controller and on-board devices, and helps prevent crashes related to power wire failure or power module damage from voltage spikes thanks to wire redundancy and extra circuit protection.

  • Optimized design for Pixhawk 1, Pixhawk 2.1 and Pixhack flight controllers.
  • Outputs slightly higher voltage to ensure Pixhawk selects the BEC as its power source. (PWM rail power sources ignored)
  • Low Drop Out regulator rejects ripple to protect motor PWM signals and vehicle wireless links (telemetry, video…)
  • High quality Texas Instruments and Linear Technology components provide outstanding stable power.
  • Input and output protected by high quality Panasonic FC / FM capacitors.
  • Circuit only gets warm during operation (LDO only 340mV dropout voltage).
  • Redundant positive and negative wires (two each) to improve safety and reduce resistance.


  • Input: 4-14S LiPo (max. 60V).
  • Output 5.3V / 3A -> /- 0.05V.
  • DF-13 4 position connector to connect to any Mauch HS-xxx-xx current sensor board or to Sensor Hub X2.
  • Size: 54mm x 21mm x 14mm.
  • Weight: 16g with cables and shrinking tube.

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Very low output voltage noise

  • skyrc-4-14s-bec
    Output of an SkyRC 4-14S BEC with 12S LiPo as power supply and 1.5A load (very noisy)
  • hvb-bec-4-14s-1
    Output of the HYB-BEC 4-14S with with the same power supply and load (very low noise)

The device is capable of supplying 3A of output current with a dropout voltage of only 340mV. In addition to fast transient response, the LT1764A has very low output voltage noise which makes the device ideal for sensitive RF supply applications.