Mauch 030: 2x 200A Power Distribution Board with 400A main switch and flight controller warm-up mode

From: $349.70

This PDB features a unique flight controller warm-up mode!

When powered, the PDB supplies power only to the flight controller. Once the flight controller’s IMU has reached set temperature and GPS has a lock, press the Power Switch to turn on the rest of your equipment!
-> Saves battery while waiting for warm up/gps lock; safer as power to motors is off during flight controller warm up.

What’s included:

  • 1x 400A PDB with soldered on input wires (2x 20cm 10AWG)
  • 1x 042: Power cable for Pixhawk 2.1
  • 20x 3.5mm bullet connectors (male)
  • 2x 26cm Red/Black shrinking tube
  • 4x M3x15 screws
  • 2 pairs AMASS / AS150 connector

Please note: Delivered without 059: Power-Switch (must be added below)

Please review the Mauch warranty for returns and replacements.


This is a high power 400A all-in-one Power Distribution Board packed with unique features.

The PBD includes 2x 200A high quality hall effect sensors and a voltage sensor to monitor up to two batteries.

Mauch's AIO PBD features a flight controller warm-up mode.

Powers only Flight Controller when batteries are plugged-in. Once FC's IMU has reached set temperature and GPS has a lock, press the switch to turn on the rest of your equipment.
-> Saves battery while waiting for warm up/lock; safer, since power to motors is off during FC warm up.

Smooth power up from GND to protect your ESCs.

Less wiring -> Cleaner builds
Less weight -> Longer flight time



  • Input 2x 4-14S LiPo (max.60V)
  • Current
    • 400A (continuous)
    • Max 1,200A @ 25’C for 1 second
  • 2x 200A high quality hall effect sensors
  • Battery voltage sensor
  • Dual or singal battery configuration
  • Connectors
    • 3.5mm bullet connectors
    • Nine bullet connector output pairs are switchable
    • One bullet connector output pair is always on
    • Bullet connectors can be locked using provided dual wall heat shrinking tubes
  • Internal Hub X2, can be deactivated for single main battery usage.
  • 5.3V / 3A power supply for Flight Controller
  • 2x 20cm 10AWG silicone input wires (red/black)

Dimensions and weight:

  • Only 75 x 49 x 27mm
  • Weight = 110g without main wires and 172g with wires.

The PDB can be also used with any other flight controller via an adapter cable:

  • 041: DF13-6p -> Pixhawk 1 / APM... etc.
  • 043: JST-GH-6p -> Pixhawk 3... etc

Possible customization's on request:

  • Different input wire gauge (8AWG or 12AWG)
  • Longer input main wires.
  • Only one input cable set soldered to PDB for single LiPo usage. This reduces the weight to 141g with input cable.
  • Firmware can be customized to match any requirements.


The PDB can be screwed to the vehicle’s frame. Removing the 4 bottom M3x12 screws and drill holes into the frame. Reinstall the screws though the frame. Exchange the screws to M3x15 (included) for frames thicker than 3mm. Please reserve approx. 15mm free space in front of the bullet connectors for the output cables.


Select the correct voltage measurement range according your main battery.

Solder bridge out = Up to 14S (max. 60V)
Please use the voltage divider from the final test result (approx. 26.6)

Solder bridge in = Up to 7S (max. 33V)
Please use an voltage divider of 10.0 -> The measurement will be quite accurate. However, you can measure the main battery voltage with an DVM and readjust if necessary.

  1. Main input for hall sensor 1 (max.60V) 200A continues.
  2. Main input for hall sensor 2 (max.60V) 200A continues.
  3. External BEC directly connected to main battery without main switch.
  4. 9x output after main switch. For up to 8x ESC's plus one external BEC.
  5. Power Switch 059, or if not connected then dummy connector to deactivate X2.
  6. Sensor Hub X2 relays alarm output.
  7. To flight controller (+/+/I/U/-/-) with Molex Click-Mate 1.25mm / 6p


The PDB is delivered without attached shrinking tube. Please select if you want to insulate the outputs with a small piece of it, or if you first want to insert the bullets and then cover the output incl. the bullet with one piece of shrinking tube.
The included tube is dual wall adhesive shrinking tube. For safety reasons, please protect unused outputs with a small piece of shrinking tube.

Important !
The top row is positive (red) and the bottom row is negative (black).

Setup in MissionPlanner:

Please follow the procedure by clicking here.

Deactivate Hub X2 for single battery usage:


If you use the optional 059: Power-Switch, then the Hub X2 can be deactivated by pressing the power switch for 3 seconds. Both LED's (S1/S2) will change to solid red to indicate that the battery monitoring is deactivated. The alarm relays will not be activated. A power cycle will reset the X2 to normal operation.

If the Power-Switch isn't used, then please connect the dummy connector (see picture) into the switch output. This will deactivate the internal alarm and both LED's change to solid red. The Hub X2 will be always deactivated until you remove the dummy connector.

Status LED's:

During boot up the internal Sensor Hub X2 will perform an internal test:

RED -> Flashing RED -> If all OK, then GREEN for 1 second. (Both LED's) After that, the LED status is depend on the current flow and if the current of both main batteries is within acceptable tolerance.

Flashing GREEN (Both LED’s) -> The current flow is below 3-5A per sensor and the X2 is in standby. Solid GREEN (Both LED’s) -> The current flow is above 3-5A per sensor and the X2 is monitoring the main batteries.

If either one of the two main batteries will reduce the supplied current by approx. 20% than the other battery, then the LED of this sensor (S1 or S2) will change to solid RED and the alarm relay is on.

The alarm can be canceled, by either rebooting the PDB/Sensor Hub X2 (power cycle), or reduce the current flow to below 3-5A per sensor and wait 1 minute. -> If the Sensor Hub X2 is 1 minute in standby then he will reset any existing alarm and switches off the alarm relay.