FlightDeck 3.1 and FlightDeckQ for Taranis Q X7 RELEASED

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Pixel by pixel, bit by bit, we made FlightDeck fit into the 128*64 LCD screen Taranis Q X7. Compare that to the 212*64 LCD screen of the Taranis X9D Plus and you’ll understand that we have had to make some significant design choices to make sure that the most important flight information would still be easily available on the Taranis Q X7.

FlightDeckQ is a version specifically designed for the Taranis Q X7 which features three screens. The scroll wheel of the Q X7 facilitates switching display screens easily between:
A main screen that displays our signature realtime artificial horizon, flight mode, voltage, current, lowest cell voltage, a battery gauge, GPS signal quality, a flight timer and the distance to home. The HUD now includes a roll indicator, a vertical velocity indicator, and a home location indicator in the compass bezel for more intuitive orientation.
A data screen without the artificial horizon displaying more flight data, including rangefinder distance if available (otherwise altitude from home is displayed), and larger indicators for times when the artificial horizon is less useful.
A message screen that displays ArduPilot text messages. Text messages are now spaced automatically to accommodate for the Q’s smaller screen size. Message numbers and message severity have been added, along with a multiplier indicator (e.g., x2) for when multiple identical messages are received.

With this release, a significant number of other improvements have been made to FlightDeck , including:

  • A configuration screen (directly accessible from FlightDeck by pressing the MENU button) gives access to all of FlightDeck‘s configuration options.
  • Installation is now simpler than ever with only one script needed to activate FlightDeck.
  • Sensor discovery is entirely optional.

Click here for additional information about FlightDeck.

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