So proud to be featured in Painless360’s video/tutorial on ArduPilot telemetry

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In his October edition Painless360 shows setting up telemetry on ArduPilot is no headache. He covers two wireless telemetry options for ArduPilot/Pixhawk 2.1. The first option is the standard telemetry radio, which allows you to talk to your vehicle over the air waves, like a long virtual USB cable between your vehicle and Mission Planner. The second option is FlightDeck which Painless360 say “is essentially like a mini Mission Planner that appears on your radio.”

Painless360 shows Smart Port connection to Pixhawk on his airplane

Check out this video for a great introduction and hands-on explanation on how to set up these telemetry links.

Telemetry hardware was provided by 3DXR in the UK.
Standard 3DR type telemetry radio made and sold by
FlightDeck telemetry app for Taranis and adapter cable available from Craft and Theory.
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One Comment on “So proud to be featured in Painless360’s video/tutorial on ArduPilot telemetry”

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