OpenTX 2.2.0 release version is out!

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Finally! The long awaited 2.2 release of OpenTX is available for download.

There’s way too many new features to list them all! Here are some highlights:

  • Support for the new Taranis Q X7 and Horus X12S radios
  • Support for TBS Crossfire
  • Support for external Multiprotocol Module
  • Support for bidirectional Smart Port communications (e.g., Crossfire and Betaflight configuration scripts)
  • Official passthrough telemetry support!

Check out this installation video:


And a presentation of the new features in OpenTX 2.2:



The developers have worked very hard to bring you this free software, so please consider making a donation to OpenTX via Craft and Theory!

(Craft and Theory contributes code to OpenTX)


ArduPilot and Taranis users, check out our newly released FlightDeck Q for the Taranis Q X7:

Flight Deck Q for Taranis Q X7

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