Medical Express Results, Ardupilot dominates!

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Results are in for the Medical Express Challenge. This year no team won. It was a tough one!

The first 6 team in the rankings were all using Ardupilot, a testament to its quality and flexibility. Ardupilot has been dominating drone challenges in the recent years.



Teams were given the address of a farmer, Outback Joe, needing a drone. Their drones needed to land within 40 metres of a target he had printed, but not before passing through a number of waypoints, remaining within a geofenced area, and while avoiding any ‘static no-fly zones’.


After Outback Joe has placed his blood sample in a compartment on the drone, he then activates a switch. A minute later, the drones must make their way back to base. In a new twist this year, teams could also opt to complete the mission while avoiding ‘dynamic no-fly zones’ designed to represent other airspace users. To make things harder the whole mission – a 44.5 kilometre round trip – must be completed by the drone autonomously.

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