From our customer LitterBug, ArduPilot FrSky telemetry on F405-Wing

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This week we got a very nice thank you email from LitterBug who has been setting up FrSky telemetry and FlightDeck on his Matex F405-Wing connected to an FrSky R9 receiver. For this his used one of our “single pins” telemetry cable. This is what he said:

I received my “Single Pins” cables today, and after a bit of fiddling they are working fine with the Matek F405-Wing FC.  It took me a bit of fiddling since I didn’t realize the UART6 +5 is not powered by the USB connection like the Sbus port is.  After figuring that out and supplying VBAT, all is working great.  I removed the individual pins and put them in a 4-pin shell to make it easier to maintain going forward.

His setup looks great especially with the Carbon Fiber Taranis X9D+.

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