• September 8, 2019 at 9:44 pm #24372

    I have a PL 2-6S BEC purchased from C&T on 8/30 that shorted after connecting a 6s battery. I normally run HS sensors and BECs and have never seen behavior like this, which is frankly pretty scary!

    I routinely verify and test polarity and continuity before applying power, which I did before applying power to the PL BEC and sensor. A continuity check between the B+ and ground rails indicated an open as desired. The FC was disconnected before applying power, only the PL sensor was connected to the BEC.

    Removing the BEC allowed the aircraft to power up normally – fortunately only the battery connector was damaged.

    This is an existing aircraft with several hours of flight time without incident.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    September 9, 2019 at 11:18 am #24396
    Florent Martel

    Hi Rich,

    I just responded to our email inquiry. Thanks for providing detailed information about your issue.

    If I hear back any suggestions, I will report back here.


    September 20, 2019 at 11:19 pm #24827

    Thank you for the excellent customer service Florent. The replacement BEC worked perfectly and I am back in the air.

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