• January 28, 2016 at 8:22 am #953
    Carl O

    Everything appears to be correct and followed the process multiple times. Also downloaded the current files last night and still my setup is slow and will not find all of the Sensors. Times out at 32 sensors in 10-15 min. The refresh when I do get it up is slow also. (See details below).

    Equipment: Settings/Firmware:
    Taranis X9D running openTx 2.1.6 (Also tried 2.1.7)
    X8R Receiver
    Pixhawk w/Power Module (Current Firmware C&T)
    3dr Telemetry Radio connected to Telem (1)
    Minim OSD connected to Telem (2) and 3dr radio transmitter linked to GoPro Camera
    C&T Telemetry Cable connected to Serial( 4/5) (Current Script 2.2)
    3dr GPS/Compass Module

    Everything is working except it does not find all of the sensors. It finds some.
    Power Up Radio and put into discovery.
    Power Up Pixhawk and X8R.
    Taranis quickly shows RSSI, RxBt, SWR at ID (25), and Cells with the heartbeat * with quick refresh blinking frequently.
    Taranis then shows 1000, 1007, 1006 discovered at ID(28). soon after but no heartbeats and the number to the left of the ID(28) changes a couple of times.
    Then it stops and crawl’s painfully slow…… It discovers lots of other sensors but fails to find the GPS, Fails to find all of the sensors with ID(28) [it finds them with alternate numbers]

    So I tried to load the Pixhawk model Option-A which pre-loads the sensors but when turned on they are not all discovered either (same results as above).
    I go to the display screen on Taranis and “NO GPS” is on but my pixhawk has a solid green LED indicating it does in fact have GPS lock and the coordinates show up on my larger Heads Up Display using the Minum OSD. Voltages and everything else shows on the Minum OSD but not the C&T system.

    I check the Serial configuration and it’s correct per page 6 of install manual.
    Serial (1) Baud 57, Protocol 1 Connected Telem(1) 3dr Radio
    Serial (2) Baud 57, Protocol 1 Connected Telem(2) Minum OSD
    Serial (3) Baud 38, Protocol 5 Connected to GPS
    Serial (4) Baud 57, Protocol 10 Connected Serial 4/5 and to C&T Cable

    I have tried multiple attempts at discovery of the sensors…
    1) Disconnected the 3dr Radio and Minum OSD from Telem (1&2) tried discovery = No change similar sensors found. No improvement.
    2) Installed your Default Pixhawk Configuration into Taranis = No change similar sensors found. No improvement.
    3) Flashed 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 versions = No change similar sensors found. No improvement.

    TWO things I have not tried (ran out of time last night……… sleepy) is to
    1) try to Flash to ArduRover and back to the ArduCopter C&T Version so see if that cleans up anything. A previous post on Telemetry screen refresh Frequency indicated this as a possible solution. Going to give this a try tonight.
    2) Check SD Card to see if it’s full.

    Will try those tonight…..

    Any other words of wisdom as to why the discovery is so slow???? Everything has been going correctly during all setup’s , No errors, or issues.

    This one has me stumped ????? HELP

    January 28, 2016 at 8:46 am #954

    Carl O,

    Yes this exact thing was happening to me. I tried the following solutions and one of them worked:

    1. Flashed ArduRover, then flashed back to the provided ArduCopter firmware.
    2.. I changed the speed of the serial rate through the SR parameters, The SR3 parameter is the one driving out the data on the Pixhawk side.
    3. I also changed the serial types a few times, but ended back to basically what you (and the craft and theory) manual have listed.

    I think it was #1 that worked for me. All the tests I did sure made it seem like it was on the pixhawk side of things.


    January 28, 2016 at 9:24 am #955
    Florent Martel

    Thanks Jushua for your prompt input. More details about what Joshua did can be found in this thread: http://www.craftandtheoryllc.com/forums/topic/telemetry-screen-refresh-frequency/

    Carl: Thanks for all the details you provided… amazing! If you can narrow down the solution and share it with the rest of us here, that would be much appreciated!

    January 28, 2016 at 1:07 pm #956
    Carl O

    I’m leaning toward the problem is with the Pixhawk as my Minum OSD has also slowed down with the changes made flashing new firmware. My HUD would refresh quickly so when whipping the UAV around the basement by hand would still update the Artificial Horizon display and compass quickly. Currently I can pick up the UAV rotate it 90 degrees, set it down on the workbench and 15-20 seconds later the display will refresh…..

    I’ll do some more tonight and document what fixes it (if I can fix it).

    January 29, 2016 at 5:26 pm #966
    Florent Martel

    I tested changing the Pixhawk parameters in an attempt to replicate the issue, but could not, even with high frequencies on SR0 and SR1 for Mavlink. I don’t have a MinimOSD, so I couldn’t test that…

    I’ve had problems before with FrSky telemetry when using a specific microSD card, so you could possibly test switching SD card as well. I’ll keep you posted if I can think of anything else…

    January 30, 2016 at 7:21 pm #969
    Carl O

    SOLVED ! ! ! ! – Flashing to ArduRover and then Back to ArduCopter with the special C&T code and it now works perfectly (THANKS JOSH ! ! !). It tool 15-18 seconds for all of the sensors to be found including GPS, Cells, everything. All on the correct channels…. It’s up and running fine.. Only issue was I had to completely re-setup everything and re-do the mandatory Hardware configuration (Compass Calib., Radio Calibration….. ect,) I did get a short flight tonight (hover in back yard) before battery drain to check everything…. When the weather get’s a little warmer i’ll redo all calibrations so I get to fly….

    My MiniOSD also corrected itself and is updating quickly also. Don’t know why flashing the special Arducopter C&T over an exsisting Arducopter caused the issue. My guess is your code did not like what was already configured inside and once flashing to ArduRover it reset everything and when flashed back you have to redon everything and it works…… Either way it’s working great….

    Happy camper now….

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