• December 3, 2015 at 1:43 pm #381
    Markus helf

    I have an iris + , with the cable FrSky FrSky fu1 and SPC , that goes with the cable and or I have to buy me one of them. I am from germany

    December 3, 2015 at 11:43 pm #391

    Hi Markus,

    Our user interface works only with the FrSky S.Port Telemetry (X series) receivers at this time, which are the X4R, X6R, and X8R: http://www.frsky-rc.com/product/category.php?cate_id=17

    The IRIS+ is equipped with the FrSky D4R receiver, which is not compatible with our user interface. To make our product compatible with your IRIS+, you need to replace the D4R receiver of your IRIS+ with a X4RSB receiver, which has the same form factor (http://www.frsky-rc.com/product/pro.php?pro_id=135), or with the X6R or X8R, if those receivers fit into your IRIS+.

    At the moment, the cable and the user interface are sold as a package. You will need the cable to connect to your X4R, X6R, or X8R. Buying the cable will insure that you have the right connectors for the Pixhawk and the receiver, and would avoid the need for you to solder and adapt your FUL-1+SPC combination to make it work.

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