• December 24, 2015 at 1:25 pm #632
    Steven Brummett

    This may be something not related to the firmware modification on the FC..it could be any number of things. I had to update the firmware on the Taranis from 2.0. to 2.1. I love the telemetry module sofar, but something has happened in between updating the firmwares that I no longer have real alt hold control on the Pixhawk as I used to. I set the THR_DZ on the PX firmware to 100 previous to this, and it gave me a manageable deadzone in the throttle deflection where I could maintain altitude. Since updating that has gone away.

    Not sure if this is something on the Taranis, but it may be because I reverted my PX firmware for a bit back to what I was using AND to my saved parameter file and got the same issue. What I haven’t done is revert the Taranis back to the 2.0.x firmware.

    I know this module probably hasn’t sold a lot of units just yet, but have any of you out there seen this? I cannot get any Pixhawk mode to keep a stable altitude at all right now when in modes that utilize it. I can tell by looking at the CTUN.Dalt parameter on a graph pre and post update that something is amiss. On the graph pre update, I see nice, stable flat lines where I’m in the throttle deadzone. The new graph doesn’t give me that.

    Thanks for any insights. I will likely head over to the arducopter forum as well to see if there are any suggestions.

    December 24, 2015 at 7:17 pm #634
    Steven Brummett

    Mark as solved…

    I found the problem after tearing out my (what’s left of it anyway) hair overnight and working on it today.

    I had put a sonar module on it for testing some time back, but could never get it to work. It was still enabled in the firmware and somehow was providing readings to the FC. Disabled it and voila…deadzone works again.

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