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    Hey all.
    I have a Mauch 200 amp Hall sensor..In fact I have a few of them

    Anyway, I was having issues where I was not measuring current and so replaced the sensor. No go, so I went back to the documentation and remembered I needed to set the AV to the value on the slip of paper. So I did so this morning and amperage started to report, however I never once saw it report the correct value. I have a power meter in line with the battery so I can see the voltage and current. The voltage is pretty much spot on but current is all over the map.
    No amount of adjustment to the AV setting gives me anything useful. I armed the machine and spun up the motors (no props) till I got a constant 1.7amp draw on the meter and watched MP…all over the map…4 amps to 3.12 amps…huh that ain’t right.

    I am configured.
    Voltage and Current
    Sensor is other
    Pixhawk. and I think Cube

    Anyway this is what the documentation states..other then everything just lists Pixhawk when the newer firmware is Pixhawk and Cube in the same drop down line.

    Any thoughts from anyone. Oh and this is a Pixracer running 3.4.6 code.

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    Thomas Lauzon

    Hi Richard. Would be happy to help you more with this.
    First thing: check that you didn’t connect the sensor backwards on the power line.
    Second idea: did you solder any thing to the board or on the cables that could be shorting?

    If you can, please send pictures of your setup and screenshots of mission planner to [email protected] We will get back to you right away.

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