Exciting News About FlightDeck! Required Library Now Officially Part of Ardupilot.

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Complete FrSky Telemetry Setup for FlightDeck

Today Craft and Theory announces FlightDeck 3. Since the release of ArduCopter 3.4 Stable, FlightDeck works without the use of a modified firmware.

Having the required telemetry protocol directly included within the ArduPilot codebase is a game changer because users previously had to install a modified firmware. This is no longer the case with FlightDeck 3.

Pilots can now obtain critical ArduPilot flight information on their Taranis radio transmitter using the official ArduPilot firmware which is directly downloadable through Mission Planner.


FlightDeck now works with Copter, Plane and Rover and runs on OpenTX 2.2 RC7!


FlightDeck 3 is the result of joint efforts by Craft and Theory, the ArduPilot dev team, and the OpenTX dev team to include FrSky passthough telemetry within the ArduPilot codebase and in OpenTX. Passthrough telemetry allows unprocessed data to be transmitted directly to applications running on OpenTX, so sensor discovery is no longer required! Craft and Theory devised a carefully crafted messaging scheme featuring compression and multiple optimizations which translates into a higher data throughput over the reliable FrSky wireless link.

To celebrate this major milestone, the FlightDeck application and telemetry cables for ArduPilot compatible flight controllers are available for purchase at a special limited price: $13 for the stand-alone FlightDeck application and $22 for a telemetry cable and FlightDeck combo. This offer is available for 5 days until 11/13/2016.


This is the perfect time to get a telemetry cable or even an entire Taranis, LiPo cell sensor, receiver, cable, and FlightDeck set for your new Pixhawk 2.1!

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