Running out of serial ports on your Pixhawk? Here’s a simple solution.

Florent MartelCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting88 Comments

With funding provided by Craft and Theory, the ArduPilot team recently added general purpose support to the serial 5 port, which used to be a dedicated debugging port. ArduPilot users can now use any serial equipment (MAVLink, rangefinder, FrSky telemetry) on serial 5, just like they would on any other serial port. To activate the port in ArduPilot, simply set … Read More

Upgrading Smart Port (S.Port) devices using a Taranis instead of the STK usb tool

Florent MartelCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting124 Comments

Like many electronic devices today, the FrSky products run code on a chip (firmware) which can be upgraded to get the latest improvements and address various bug fixes. For instance, upgrading is particularly valuable for European users since FrSky released for 2016 their LBT firmwares which has a much-improved range performance and stability compared to previous versions ( If upgrading … Read More

So proud to be featured in Painless360’s video/tutorial on ArduPilot telemetry

Thomas LauzonCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting63 Comments

In his October edition Painless360 shows setting up telemetry on ArduPilot is no headache. He covers two wireless telemetry options for ArduPilot/Pixhawk 2.1. The first option is the standard telemetry radio, which allows you to talk to your vehicle over the air waves, like a long virtual USB cable between your vehicle and Mission Planner. The second option is FlightDeck … Read More

Exciting News About FlightDeck! Required Library Now Officially Part of Ardupilot.

Thomas LauzonCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting30 Comments

Complete FrSky Telemetry Setup for FlightDeck

Today Craft and Theory announces FlightDeck 3. Since the release of ArduCopter 3.4 Stable, FlightDeck works without the use of a modified firmware. Having the required telemetry protocol directly included within the ArduPilot codebase is a game changer because users previously had to install a modified firmware. This is no longer the case with FlightDeck 3. Pilots can now obtain critical ArduPilot flight … Read More

Craft and Theory becomes ArduPilot Commercial Partner at Interdrone – Las Vegas

Thomas LauzonCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting19 Comments

Craft and Theory was in the room at InterDrone this year when ArduPilot announced that they were separating from DroneCode and that ArduPilot was going to be looking for commercial partners. We are very happy to join and support a project that we love. Long live ArduPilot! Pictured (from Left to right): Tom Pittenger (ArduPilot, Airphrame), Robert Lefebvre (ArduPilot), Tom … Read More