OpenTX 2.2.0 release version is out!

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Finally! The long awaited 2.2 release of OpenTX is available for download. There’s way too many new features to list them all! Here are some highlights: Support for the new Taranis Q X7 and Horus X12S radios Support for TBS Crossfire Support for external Multiprotocol Module Support for bidirectional Smart Port communications (e.g., Crossfire and Betaflight configuration scripts) Official passthrough telemetry support! Check … Read More

Exciting News About FlightDeck! Required Library Now Officially Part of Ardupilot.

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Complete FrSky Telemetry Setup for FlightDeck

Today Craft and Theory announces FlightDeck 3. Since the release of ArduCopter 3.4 Stable, FlightDeck works without the use of a modified firmware. Having the required telemetry protocol directly included within the ArduPilot codebase is a game changer because users previously had to install a modified firmware. This is no longer the case with FlightDeck 3. Pilots can now obtain critical ArduPilot flight … Read More

Craft and Theory becomes ArduPilot Commercial Partner at Interdrone – Las Vegas

Thomas LauzonCraft and Theory, LLC | Engineering consulting1 Comment

Craft and Theory was in the room at InterDrone this year when ArduPilot announced that they were separating from DroneCode and that ArduPilot was going to be looking for commercial partners. We are very happy to join and support a project that we love. Long live ArduPilot! Pictured (from Left to right): Tom Pittenger (ArduPilot, Airphrame), Robert Lefebvre (ArduPilot), Tom … Read More